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Agreement: Cancellations are subject to a non-refundable reservation deposit fee. Cancellations less than ten days of reservation date will not be eligible for refund partial or full. Credits may or may not be issued. Please observe our policies; no smoking on the bus, do not stand on seats, don’t do pull ups on roof handles, standing up while bus is in motion is at your own risk. This client is responsible for guest and assumes full financial responsibility for any damage to vehicle caused by client or guest whether be accident, neglect, or intent. All damages are asset at the discretion of the driver or owner of the bus. We assume no responsibility for articles left in the vehicle[s]. Driver is not responsible for illegal acts during rental. We will not be responsible for any delays or inconveniences due to traffic, unforeseen mechanical failures, or situations deemed an “Act of God”. We reserve the right to substitute alternative vehicle(s) in the event of an occurrence beyond our control. If a replacement vehicle is sent, and customer rejects the replacement vehicle, no refund is due. Client assumes full financial responsibilities for all payments, including overtime, gratuity, and damage fees. Broken glass fee is $100 and bodily fluid fees are $300, everything else will be estimated by a professional. ThunderDome Party Bus LLC has the right to sub-contract to affiliate companies. Client authorizes ThunderDome Party Bus LLC and or affiliate charges to credit/debit card, with/without imprint. In case of accident/break down, ThunderDome Party Bus LLC and its affiliates offers just the amount of time that the vehicle was down, not the total amount. Zero tolerance for disorderly behavior and entire party will be dropped off at the prearranged drop-off location. Enter at your own risk. Our number one focus is safety. All modes of transportation including bus transport involve an inherent risk of injury or property damage. By signing this contract, you and your entire party voluntarily accept and assume all risk of injury, loss of property or property damage that may result from this trip. As a condition of being permitted on the bus and the use of this charter, the contract holder and its ENTIRE PARTY, AGREES TO HOLD HARMLESS, RELEASE, IMDEMNIFY, AND PROMISE NOT TO BRING A CLAIM AGAINST OR SUE ThunderDome Party Bus LLC, or its employees, agents, officers or affiliates from any and all liabilities on account of, in any way NEGLIGENCE or by any other reason.

*Please allow 15-30 mins after contacting your driver for unscheduled pickups. Please inform our company about hazardous pick up and drop off areas. Certain trips may be two-way transports with limited time on the Party Bus. If your trip has an hourly time frame the trip cost for certain events like concerts, weddings, lake, and river events are priced according to the total hours and time needed for the event. Even though the hour count may show otherwise.

*Please note on trip day if you pay the remaining balance with a credit card, we charge a onetime fee of $25 dollars added to the total balance for the final transaction. This is only for credit card transactions.

*Thunderdome Party Bus is not responsible for event fees including parking fees, entry fees, tasting fees etc.

*Bad weather on trip day. If the event cancels, does not mean the Party Bus trip cancels. On River Trips, Party Barge and other outdoor events canceling on the road. We will work with your groups to make other arrangements. If booking details change trip day for any reason, we will discuss trip rate change with trip lead.

*Party Bus Rules to follow; no acrobatics on the roof handles, no feet on seats, trash to the trash cans, no smoking tobacco products on Party Bus, prefer no eating on Party Bus, party responsibly standing when the Party Bus is moving is at your own risk.

*If you need more hours on the road $125/hr for 15 passenger Party Bus, $150/hr for 25 passenger Party Bus and the 40 passenger party Bus $200/hr. Depending on the type of trip, passenger size, destinations and extra hour(s) needed the hourly rate may be flexible between $100-$200/hr.

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